The Grace View Guesthouse



At Grace View Guesthouse you will find warm hospitality and personal service.Guests are pampered with fine food in an atmosphere of comfort.

The Guesthouse comprises of 13 luxury suites, individually decorated rooms. Each room has a distinctive style and character of its own. Outdoors offers privacy and you can be sure of every modern convenience including television, M-net and selected DSTV.

  • Well equipped conference rooms accommodating up to 40 people

    • Proxima

    • DVD

    • Surround sound

    • Selected DSTV

  • Braai and patio area for casual relaxed evening

  • A heated pool

  • Secure Parking

  • Three course meal available on request

  • Laundry facilities can be arranged

  • Credit card facilities available

The Grace View Guesthouse



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The Grace View Guesthouse

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